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July Weight Room Hours - Pool Closed for Maintenance in July

POOL CLOSED for maintenance for the month of July

July Weight Room Hours:

July 17-9am4-6pm
July 27-9am4-6pm
July 37-9am4-6pm
July 4: CLOSED
July 5: CLOSED

July 87-9am4-6pm
July 97-9am4-6pm
July 107-9am4-6pm
July 117-9am5-7pm
July 127-9am5-7pm

July 157-9am4-6pm
July 167-9am4-6pm
July 177-9am4-6pm
July 187-9am 
July 197-9am

July 227-9am4-6pm
July 237-9am4-6pm
July 247-9am4-6pm
July 257-9am5-7pm
July 267-9am5-7pm

July 297-9am5-7pm
July 307-9am5-7pm
July 317-9am5-7pm