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LUHS Volleyball

LUHS volleyball places 32nd out of 40 at invitational 

  Grace Zaplatynsky, Of the Lakeland Times
8/31/2018 7:29 AM

The Lakeland Union High School volleyball team played at an invitational of 40 schools at UW-Stout in Menominie last weekend and came out in 32nd place.
LUHS volleyball head coach Carley Punzel said the team used the SPRAWL tournament to grow, try new things and connect as a team, and the girls were not afraid to make mistakes and be aggressive in taking chances.
“This team is by far different from my last two years and in a good way,” Punzel said. “We can play with the higher level teams; the girls actually believe they can if they just work together.”
One thing a team needs to do when starting the season is analyze its strong and weak points, and Punzel said her team’s strong point was bonding with one another, having fun and improving their basic skills as the tournament progressed.
“The point of emphasis that I would like my girls to work on is moving their feet to the ball,” Punzel said. “That way we can be in system more than out of it.”
One way the girls improved was through stepping out of their comfort zones and playing in positions they wouldn’t have normally been in, due to two not being able to participate in the game, but playing hard nonetheless, Punzel said.
“This weekend may have changed our team lineup,” Punzel said. “We will see what happens. Shows my team is versatile!”
The main focus and goal for the girls during the tournament was to move their feet more and communicate, according to Punzel.
“They realized when they did not (communicate), we got in a hole and when we did, their gameplay improved,” she said.
The girls placed in the competition where the level was about the same or higher, which Punzel said she loved as a coach.
“Playing the higher level teams make them think more about what their role is out on the court,” she said. “It disciplines them to reach for their main focus and goal.”
Punzel said they have to continue to work hard every day, at practice or a game, to continue improving for the rest of the season.
“These ladies are starting to realize that talent that other teams have just doesn’t come over night and that they have to work for it,” Punzel said.
The volleyball team hit the home court Thursday against Rhinelander after deadline.
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