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LUHS Remote Learning Option

Remote Learning FAQ 

Fall of 2020 Guidelines

  1. Remote learning is accessing your educational programming through an online platform delivered by the LUHS teachers on your class schedule.  Students who choose Remote Learning will not physically enter the LUHS building to attend school.  Please keep in mind that this Remote option is in addition to the two options (In-person school and Virtual school) already available to students
  2. Remote learning student attendance will be taken daily during your scheduled class periods.
    1. Students are expected to login on a daily basis during the scheduled class period and to participate in the class as directed by the LUHS teacher of that class
  3. The Student Attendance policy remains the same as in-person learning
    1. You are allowed a maximum of 5 parent excused absences per semester
    2. If a student is ill, and cannot participate in classes on any given date- a phone call to the LUHS attendance line is necessary; just like if the student was in the in-person classes
    3. 5 unexcused absences is considered habitually truant and may result in a court referral per the LUHS student handbook attendance regulations
  4. All LUHS behavior expectations apply while the student is accessing remote learning from LUHS
  5. Students will only be considered for entry and exit from the remote learning platform at the quarter or semester grading periods.
  6. *If there are attendance or behavior issues for student(s) in the Remote Learning option, LUHS administration reserves the right to change a student’s academic programming to reflect the 100% Virtual option
  7. All LUHS District students will be provided a Chromebook. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure adequate connectivity.  (If you have connectivity issues, contact LUHS and we may be able to help)
  8. It is suggested that the parent/guardian will:
    1. Provide a learning space for their student to work and structure to maintain their student’s academic schedule
    2. Provide learning support at home, holding student to academic integrity



  • Many of you have already completed a questionnaire from LUHS that asked you to choose either the In- Person option or the Virtual School option.  If, after reviewing the information about the Remote Learning option, you feel that this is the option best for you and your student(s)- Please notify LUHS via email to the following address:
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