COURSE:  SC45203                  
CREDIT VALUE:  One-half credit
OPEN TO:  Grades 10, 11, 12

PREREQUISITES: Physical Science or equivalent

What you will learn in this course:
Using the topic of Zoology, students will learn how to plan, execute, and present a course of scientific inquiry rooted in the
concepts of STEAM. The class will include study of nine Phyla of the Animal Kingdom from the simplest of animals to the
most complex.

How you will learn in this course:
Hands on dissections, notes, article reviews, final project and presentation will drive this course. Students will study each of
the nine general Phyla of the Animal Kingdom using information gathered through dissections, microscopic observations,
article reviews, and videos. The final project will consist of a teacher-approved student directed STEAM-based research
project on a topic related to Zoology.

Why this course is important:
The course is designed to promote scientific inquiry in a manner guided by student interest. As a result, this course will
cultivate student curiosity for science while tapping into intrinsic learning pathways; ultimately providing students with a
mechanism to plan and execute their career pathway.