Literature & Composition 10 


Unit 1: 9/11 - Study of Iconic events using 9/11 tragedy and others. Mix of videos, non-fiction articles, speeches, and poetry written after iconic events. . Approx: 4 week study

  • Vocabulary 

  • Essential Questions 

  • Reflection Essay 


Unit 2: A Long Way Gone (novel) - Covers important social issues facing our world today, including the impact of war on children, child soldiers, blood diamonds, blood minerals, and immigration.  Approx: 5 weeks 

  • Vocabulary 

  • Essential Questions 

  • Writing Narrative 

Unit 3: Animal Farm (novel): 1.Think critically and recognize when others attempt to control them through faulty reasoning or persuasive language. 

2. Recognize the strategies leaders use to attain more power (through propaganda, rewriting of history, fear and violence) 

3. Explain how Animal Farm works as both a fable and an allegory; identify and discuss how the different characters are used as allegorical figures; explain how the novel addresses themes related to idealism, justice, power, and corruption.  Approx: 4 weeks

  • Vocabulary 

  • Argumentative Essay 

  • Essential Questions 

Unit 4: Of Mice and Men (novel): Through the use of words and illustrations, differentiate between major themes of literature. Identify and classify themes across literature

Identify both direct and indirect characterization and how characters develop over the course of a novel. Identify how the minor characters help us understand the rancher community. Approx: 4 weeks

  • Vocabulary 

  • Poems and stories Supportive reference 

  • Essential Questions 

  • Chapter quizzes 

  • Final Essay assessment 

  • Project 


Unit 5: Fahrenheit 451: 1. Make meaningful connections to society, self, and other literature 

2. Expand comprehension during reading 

3. Generalize enduring themes to contemporary life and times

4. Think critically about own use of technology - the benefits and pitfalls Approx 4 Weeks

  • Essential Questions 

  • Chapter Quizzes 

  • Tic-Tac-Toe Project 

  • Character writing project 

  • Close reading activities 


Unit 6: Argumentative Research: 5 weeks 

  • Essential Questions 

  • Learn to research 

  • Argumentative research paper 

  • Argumentative Speech 

Unit 7: Graphic Novel: TBD

Unit 8: Flight 


** Variety of Grammar activities via No Red Ink all year