November 1, 2019

First off, thank you for taking my classes today. If you need me I am will be available by text 715-617-3434. If you need something right away next door to the right is Becky(to the right)/Sharon(to the left) - they can help with classroom management or any issues that come up. Students who are NOT respectful to you please leave me a note with details so I can discipline accordingly. There are NO CELL PHONES allowed at any time after the bell!!! If they want to leave the class for any reason they need their passbook signed by you. 


Period 1: 8:10-8:55 am English Lab: All students should have work to complete, especially since it is the last day of the quarter. NO CELL PHONES if you need to remove one it goes directly to the office. They can work together as long as they are working and talking quietly not to disrupt others. Talking should be at a minimum as most students like it quiet to work. You will have to remind the cluster of boys in the back - feel free to move them if you need to remind them to be quiet too often. Walk around the room and ask students if they need help or ask what they are working on. Please remind them all missing work needs to be turned in today by 3:30 pm to teachers as it is the last day of the quarter. Students that ask to go to the LMC - they may but only to check out a book and must return to the room after. They may not study down in the LMC as there is honors English Lab down there.  


Period 2: 9:00-9:45 am Lit & Comp Honors 10: They have a Crucible Exam - NO NOTES or COMPUTER! They are to NOT do Part IV Figurative Language. I left the key in case you like to grade ;-)
Lacy and Seth are not taking the exam and should be working on their final essays. I have 5 test with names on all ready for the students who earned extra credit. Please pass those tests out first. 


Period 3 9:50-10:35 am: Prep - Enjoy your time 


Period 4  & 5 10:40-11:25 & 11:30-12:15: Lit & Comp 10: These classes can be challenging so make sure you are firm but kind with them to keep them on task. They have an exam. Students may ONLY use THEIR study guide sheet attached to the exam; these were approved by me Thursday during class. If they had a study sheet approved I have attached the sheet to their test. There are students with IEP’s and their tests have their names and it’s blue because it is modified. If someone is using a sheet that doesn’t have my ok (an emoji sticker) they will receive a zero. After they are finished they are to sit quietly in order not to disrupt others. Anyone talking during a test receives a zero as well. I am really strict about this because they like to share. 5th hour is to be released at 12:15 there are two bells and don’t let them go till the second bell. I put names and stapled their sheets they can use to each test - so pass those out first. Anyone who was sick or not in class yesterday didn't get the review and they are to take the test with no sheets. You can give them any of the blank ones with no names. Hopefully, this makes sense as I have a migraine and have trouble thinking right now.... 


Period 6: 1:05-1:50 pm American Literature: They have a Quiz today - Pass it out and they are not to write on it. They should complete the questions on a separate sheet of paper and turn it in by hand - NO COMPUTER. No Sharing answers, either it is a quiz!! 

Period 7 1:55-2:40pm  - PREP ENJOY 


Period 8 2:45-3:30 pm: ENGLISH LAB: All students should be quietly working on their homework. No Talking! NO CELL PHONES.


Below are the rosters for each class. Please take attendance for every class for my record as well.

Thanks again, 
Ann Pickart 
English 10 & American Lit 
Email: ;