Thank you for subbing for the WINGS Program.  Here are some things you will need to know:

After arriving and checking in, meet the students and paraprofessionals in Room 147, Mike Syverson's Room. 

There are two paraprofessionals in the program, Joanne Kumpula and Peter Adams.  First thing in the morning, they will get the van key and move the van around to the parking lot by the tennis courts.  Joanne will stop at the cafeteria to get breakfast and lunches for the students. 

The student MUST be at the entrances by the benches by 8:10 am, as then everyone proceeds to the vans and leaves LUHS to go to :The Nest", where the students will have breakfast and start their day.  

Each student schedule is different since the students do not all participate in the same activities throughout the day.  The weekly schedule is posted at "The Nest" and the paraprofessionals will have schedules available as well.  

Attendance is taken each period.  

Lunch varies each day.  Refer to the schedule for the specific day you are subbing.  Lunch may be at The Nest or in the community. Some students make their lunch, some have lunch provided, some students bring their lunch and some may eat out, depending on the day.  

Students end their day at The Nest where they are to reflect on a community activity that they petticoated in during the day in their Transition Portfolios.  Students leave The Nest at 3:15 to be transported back to LUHS to get on the buses.  Students wait by the front office until the bell rings at 3:30 to head to their buses. 

Please do not hesitate for contact Joanne or myself with any questions.  

Jeannine Bolton (847-421-5201)
Joanne Kumpula (715-218-1198)

Thank you!