Good Morning!

Thank you for subbing for me today!  Just a couple of things: no matter what anyone tells you, no one is allowed to have coffee today. :)  We’re also enforcing a strict NO PHONES policy, not even for music. If they want to listen to music during work time, it has to be through the Chromebook. There is a green sub binder on the table that has other useful information in it for you, including the No-Pass List.  Please peruse that, as I have several students on the No-Pass List.  

With that, let’s get to the plan for today:

1st Hour: Prep

2nd Hour: Lit and Comp 10 Honors 

  • Students are working on their personal narrative revisions today.  Their personal narratives will be due tomorrow.

  • If students are done with their personal narratives, they may choose to finish the novel Americanah instead.

3rd Hour: English Lab

  • This is a study lab.  Students should be reasonably quiet and productive.  Kids in this lab are pretty good, but keep in mind I have several students in this lab on the No-Pass list. :)


4th Hour: Lit and Comp 10

  • These students are working on research today.

  • While they have the hour to work, here is what they need to have accomplished by the end of the hour:

    • A research question typed into the “Research Question” box in Noodletools (a research organizer website).

    • A research thesis typed into the “Research Thesis” box in Noodletools.  

      • Please let students know that the research thesis is basically a one-sentence answer to their research question.  It will show the reader what their research paper will be about or will be proving. Let them know that I want them to try to create a research thesis, and then we’ll talk more about it tomorrow.

    • Two sources citations created in their source list in Noodletools (that means they actually have to find two possible sources and then cite them in Noodletools.


Lunch: Enjoy!


5B Sophomore Focus Lab (in room ):  

  • This should be a productive lab time where students get work done.  

  • These are good kids, but they can be...rough around the edges.  Gentle encouragement, humorous but firm guidance goes a long way with these students.  Firmness is good, but heavy-handedness is not particularly effective. Call Gretchen Watkins or Mike Snyder right down the hall if you need any assistance.


6th Hour: Lit and Comp 10 Honors

  • See instructions for 2nd Hour. 


7th Hour: Prep

  • Enjoy! :)


8th Hour: Lit and Comp 

  • These kiddos need constant reminders about how to behave like students (remind them to raise their hands if they want to answer a question, remind them to stay in their seats - basically, consistently remind them of your expectations). Please make sure that everyone is in their correct seat according to the seating chart.

  • First, pass out the 10 Minute Grammar Capitalization sheets located on the table by the sub folder.  They need to read the directions and do BOTH SIDES of the grammar sheet. Give them about 10 minutes to do this (if they are working, but need more time at the end of the 10 minutes, give them about 5 minutes more).  They may work together, but they MAY NOT move seats. 

  • Please have students hand in their grammar sheets.

  • Pass out today’s guided reading questions.  You will listen to Feed through the Audible app on the Promethean board. Start at Chapter 3 with 21 minutes and 52 seconds remaining (it should already be cued up for you). Get as far as you can.  

  • Students should fill out the reading guide as they listen today.  Please have them all turn in whatever you get finished with on the reading guide.


Please leave any notes for me that you think are pertinent!  I very much appreciate the feedback so I can redirect students or praise them as necessary. :)