Good Morning!


Thank you for subbing for me today!  Just a couple of things: no matter what anyone tells you, no one is allowed to have coffee today. :)  We’re also enforcing a strict NO PHONES policy, not even for music. There are extra headphones (kids know where to find them), and if they want to listen to music during work time, it has to be through the Chromebook. :)  There is a green sub binder on the large bookshelf that has other useful information in it for you!


With that, let’s get to the plan for today:


1st Hour:  LC 9

  • Students will be reading the short story “The Scarlet Ibis.”   Please read the short story as a class. It can be found on Google Classroom for students.  I’ve linked the story for you below:

  • After you read the story, students have a set of questions to answer about the story.  Please tell them that they should write in COMPLETE sentences and be sure to answer EACH part of the question if the question has multiple parts.  Make sure to NOT read the questions until AFTER they have read the story - there are spoilers in the questions!

  • The questions will be due tomorrow!

  • Please remind students their Playing with Imagery assignments are also due tomorrow!


2nd Hour and 3rd Hour: Preps


4th Hour: Native American Lit

  • Students will read “School Days of an Indian Girl” by Zitkala Sa and answer the accompanying reading questions.  These will be due tomorrow.

  • The story and questions can be found in Google Classroom.




5th Hour:  Sophomore Focus Lab (in room 165 - in the Science wing, down past the district office)

  • This is a focused study hall for 10th grade.

  • It should be a quiet, productive period, with students working on homework.

  • No passes today, unless they are going to Gretchen Watkins or Mike Snyder right down the hall to get help with work.

  • Be kind, but be firm with this group. :)


6th Hour: LC 10

  • Students in this class will be taking a reading quiz today - NO BOOK AND NO NOTES.

  • After their reading quiz, please have them log in to No Red Ink, where they will find several assignments to complete by tomorrow.


7th Hour:  LC 10 Honors

  • Students in this class will also be taking a quiz, which is in on Google Classroom.