This course is designed to review all the rules of grammar, including parts of speech, capitalization, punctuation, usage, and sentence structure. This review will prepare you for whatever future plans you may have, as oral and written communication skills are vital parts of everyone’s lives. Even more importantly, this review will be used to strengthen your writing skills. The goal of the course is not simply to memorize grammar rules, but to internalize them and incorporate them into your speaking and writing. The course will also include exercises to help you prepare for the ACT or SAT tests, with an emphasis on weekly practice tests from the English and Reading portions of the ACT test.

This course also includes extensive essay writing; essays will be discussed and assigned every other week. You will then have time to choose a topic, organize, and outline your ideas before writing a rough draft in class during one class period that week. The teacher will skim these drafts and comment in Google Docs (worth 25 points) and make revision suggestions before peer revision. You will then have approximately one week to revise your essay and turn in the final typed copy (worth 100 points).

Grammar and Composition Learning Targets

Google Classroom (Period 8)