Objective and Syllabus

General Course Information

Instruction will focus on skills utilized for independent living.

*Identify and demonstrate basic computational math utilizing four basic operations: add, substract, multiply, divide
*Identify and utilize basic units of measurement: length, area, volume, mass (weight), temperature, time
*Identify and demonstrate basic geometry concepts
*Utlize and demonstrate application of basic math tools: calculators, rulers
*Demonstrate basic money skills, money management, and other applicable skills necessary for money mangement (writing checks, use of bank cards, making deposits, etc) and banking skills.

 Class Expectations
*Arrive with a positive attitude!
*Independently access your materials upon entering the classroom and be ready at the bell.
*Work with the large group during instructional time to complete class activities and assigned tasks.
*Be willing to work with your teachers and ask questions.
*No cell phones allowed in the classroom
*Chromebook use with permission

Student Behavior Expectations:
*Arrive with a positive attitude!
*Use appropriate language
*Be respectful of all teachers and peers. Treat others as you would like to be treated.
*Show respect for materials. This includes your peers belongings and classroom materials. Anything damanged will be replaced by YOU.