LUHS Math Team
The Lakeland Union high School Math Team competes against other division II schools in the Central Wisconsin Mathematics League. UW-Stevens Point has hosted the high school math competition since its inception in 1970. Students from 50 different schools compete against each other by taking a series of three math tests at the university throughout the school year. Each meet is broken down into three categories: geometry, algebra, and advanced math.

Am I a good candidate for the Math Team?
If math is easy for you, if you love a challenge, and if you like friendly, academic competition, then the math team is for you!

How do I get involved?
Anyone can be on the math team. all you need to do is take a tryout test. For each competition, 12 students, four in each category, represent LUHS. Scores on the tryout test determine which students compete in the respective categories. The top four students in geometry, algebra and advanced math are allowed to compete.

2017-2018 meets:
Meet I:  November 8, 2017 @ UW-Stevens Point
Meet II:  January 24, 2018 @ UW-Stevens Point
Meet III:  March 21, 2018 @ UW-Stevens Point
Awards Banquet:  April 30 @ UW-Stevens Point

Level I Sample Test (Geometry)

Level II Sample Test (Algebra)

Level III Sample Test (Advanced Math)