LUHS Art Club

Welcome! Art club is for any student that has an interest in the visual arts. Students do not have to be enrolled in an art class to join the club though it is recommended to have some previous art experience. Students can join the club at any time, only needing to stop by Art Club Advisor Mrs. Hammond's classroom to confirm and be added to our group email list.
There will be many activities for members to take part in during lunch periods and/or after school. In this club, students will be able to exercise their talent while socializing in a fun, supportive community. They will learn new techniques and will be able to give back to our school through beautification works, art displays, mural paintings, and many other art club projects.  During meetings, there will also be speakers brought in to inspire our young artists. The club will also be a forum in which to discuss things happening in the art world.

Over the course of this school year, there will be many opportunities to fundraise for the art club.  Proceeds will be used to purchase art supplies and will also be put towards an end of the year trip to visit museums and experience culture in a metropolitan area.  There is limited space on the art trip so only the most dedicated and hard working members will be able to attend.  Students will be able to earn points towards various art trips and outings by their active involvement in the club.

Club officers are: Morgan Nowak ( President), Jay Thompson (Vice President), Lauren Gardner (Secretary), Ruby Valadez (Treasurer), Gracie Acklam, Stephanie Van Acker (Public  RelationsRepresentatives.)

This club is a great opportunity for students to explore their own artistic talents while also being able to give back to their community. We look forward to getting to know you and sharing our love of the arts!

Contact: Dana Hammond 715.356.5252 ext. 3420