Room 147, Periods 1-8
Main Room - #3445  Conference Room - #3447

A.  Instructor Information


Mr. Mike Syverson, LD (715) 356-5252 Extension #3445Schedule:	Period1	Resource: Room 147 2. Prep 3. Resource: Room 147 4. Resource: Room 147 lunch 5B. Resource: Room 147 6. Prep 7. Resource: Room 147 8. Resource: Room 147





B.  General Course Information

Welcome to Resource!  This is your uniquely scheduled time to work, with assistance as needed, on assignments from your regularly scheduled general education classes and to strengthen learning areas which may be difficult.  Staff will be available to provide modifications and support as indicated for you on your IEP.  We will be working together to strengthen many needed skills:  study skills, test-taking skills, reading, reading comprehension, self-advocacy, and organizational skills to name a few. 


C.  Performance Expectations

You are expected to come to your Resource prepared with your assignment notebook, assignments, and materials to either complete your work or prepare for tests in order to successfully pass your general education classes.  Resource time may also be used to access the library and math lab, utilize needed assistive technology (such as the internet, audio books, or Kurzweil), and participate in vocational activities. 


D.  Student Expectations

You are expected to come to class on time and begin working when the bell rings.  You are expected to follow the LUHS Integrity/Honor Policy.  You are responsible for checking Infinite Campus for your grades, the school webpage for your assignments, and communicating information about missing assignments, tests, and projects due in your classes.  We will also be checking your grades regularly and your teachers will be contacted regularly as well to help you access appropriate modifications and accommodations.
General Behavioral guidelines:
                • Be in your seat, ready to work when the bell rings.
                • Use appropriate language.
                • Feed your body well. 
                • NO cell phones.
E.  Rules – Respect & Responsibility
The rules are simple.  Respect yourself & others (Golden Rule) as well as their property.  Be responsible for yourself, your actions, your future.  Mistakes happen…learn from them!
Have a great year!!!
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I have read the information in the Study Lab course syllabus and agree to abide by the class expectations.
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I have read the information in the Study Lab course syllabus and agree to help my child meet all Lab expectations.
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