What you will learn in this course:
This introductory calculus course makes students aware of topics related to limits, derivatives, integrals and their respective applications to problem solving. Each student will learn calculus techniques to critically analyze the graphs of functions, find the area under a curve, find the volume generated by revolving an object about an axis, and solve optimization problems.
How you will learn in this course:
We will use a college level textbook for this course. Students will learn through lecture and discussion, homework problem sets, group work, and assessments.
Why this course is important:
Calculus continues to build upon the basic mathematical foundations found in advanced algebra and pre-calculus. This course prepares students for any first year college mathematics placement.
Students who complete Precalculus, but are not strong enough to move on to the extremely rigorous AP Calculus offered at LUHS, need another option to help them prepare for college.  We currently have about 50 students per year who successfully finish Precalculus and are eligible to take AP Calculus.  However, usually only about 20 of those students have the ability and work ethic to be successful in AP Calculus.  Regular calculus allows the other 30 students a chance to learn calculus and prepare for college mathematics at a less rigorous pace.