Ms. McCloskey’s Schedule  2019 - 2020
Room 156
Semester 1                                                                                         Semester 2
Period 1 General Chemistry   Period 1 Planning Period
Period 2 General Chemistry   Period 2 General Chemistry
Homeroom Juniors   Homeroom Juniors
Period 3 Planning Period   Period 3 Chemistry
Period 4 Planning Period   Period 4 Medical Terminology
Period 5 Biology   Period 5 Planning Period
Period 6 Anatomy and Physiology   Period 6 General Chemistry
Period 7 Planning Period   Period 7 Academic Enhancement
Period 8 Chemistry   Period 8 Anatomy and Physiology
Office Hours:
I am available to help students during my planning periods, lunch, and after school.  It is best to make an appointment in order to insure availability.
Appointments preferred.
Contact information:
e-mail: (  best method
phone: 715-356-5252 ext.3456  please leave message