Medical Terminology

LUHS Course # COURSE: 04545 / 04546
Credit Value: 1/2 credit

Nicolet Course #1050110100
Credit Value: 3 credits

This course can be taken for dual credit.
“Students in this course will have the opportunity to register with Nicolet College in order to gain exposure to the academic challenges of college and earn college credit (4 hours) after successful course completion.” (Nicolet College)

What you will learn in this course: 
Medical Terminology focuses on the component parts of medical terms: prefixes, suffixes and root words. The student will practice formation, analysis and reconstruction of terms. Emphasis will be placed on spelling, definition and pronunciation. There will also be introduction to operative, diagnostic, therapeutic and symptomatic terminology of all body systems, as well as systemic and surgical terminology. (adapted from Nicolet College Course Description)

How you will learn in this course:

Effective March 30, 2020 students will learn Medical Terminology in a remote learning format.  Click on this link to see adjusted learning platforms.
Course content will be presented through lecture and multi-media venues. Students will engage in small and large group discussions, individual guided learning activities, and technology enhanced projects to learn the content of the course.

Why this course is important:
Medical Terminology is a required course for many medical certifications. The content of the course gives the student background information to allow greater depth of thinking and mental processing. This is a transcripted course in affiliation with Nicolet College.  Students who pass this course with a “B” or better will earn 3 credits at any technical college in Wisconsin.

Course Syllabus and Timeline

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