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Algebra Course Description
Welcome to Algebra!

What you will learn in this course: 
 This is a full year course that includes four units: expressions & equations; linear functions; polynomial & non-linear functions; and radicals & rational functions. In the first unit, students will study the foundation of algebra: the language of algebra, real numbers, and solving linear equations. In the second unit, a comprehensive study of linear functions will include graphing, analyzing, & solving equations, inequalities, & systems. In the third unit, students will study polynomials (including factoring), quadratic, and exponential functions. In the fourth unit, radical expressions, triangles, and rational expressions will be studied.
How you will learn in this course:  Algebra is a textbook-driven course, including the above topics. The student will learn through lecture and discussion. The student will practice concepts through daily assignments and be assessed through quizzes and tests.  Students will also participate in open ended modeling problems that will help students make connections between different concepts. 

Why this course is important: Algebra is the baseline for all mathematics courses above it. The content in this course is essential for successes throughout the high school math curriculum.