The Lakeland Union High School District believes in a Strategic Assessment Approach.  Through formative, interim and summative assessments, educators are able to make instructional decisions and placement decisions to meet the goals for student learning.
Formative assessments help teachers design learning for each individual student and provides feedback to teachers on where students are in the learning process.  Formative assessment happens frequently throughout the learning process and typically is not factored into the student’s report card grade.

Benchmark assessments help teachers and administrators compare learning to national, state and school standards to determine learning needs within the curriculum.  They also help educators develop learning plans and pathways for individual students.  For example, the STAR (Standardized Test for the Assessment of Reading) Reading and STAR Math  are given to most Lakeland Area Consortium students several times a year.  These computer adapted tests help educators to understand the skills students are ready to learn, to match students with resources, and to evaluate curriculum needs based on each student’s level of performance.

Summative Assessment provides feedback to educators and students regarding what each student has learned at the end of a unit and end of the semester.  This type of assessment typically provides teachers the information needed to fill out report cards for parents.

The State of Wisconsin also has statewide assessment.  Students in 10th grade take a social studies assessment.  Additionally, state law requires 9th and 10th grade participation in the ACT Aspire.  Students in 11th grade participate in the ACT plus Writing, which measures math, science, reading, language arts and writing proficiency and the ACT Work Keys which measures skills for employment.   Beginning in the 2016-17 school year all students must pass a civics exam prior to graduation.

You may request information regarding any state or local district procedure regarding student participation in any assessments mandated by law and by the district.