Questioning Procedures
For Students/Parents
Step 1:                The student and teacher should always deal
                            with the initial 

Step 2:                If the student is still not satisfied, a parent
                           should accompany the student in speaking
                           with the teacher. 


Step 3:                If agreement has not taken place at this
                           point, then a meeting with
all stakeholders                                        
                                             and Dept. Principal should take place.

Step 4:              If agreement has not been accomplished,                              
                                            an appointment with all stakeholders and 
                                            Principal of LUHS should take place.

REMEMBER – if a student has any questions pertaining to assignments, formative / summative assessments and papers, the student should ask the questions directly to the teacher. We are encouraging our students to be advocates for themselves as we prepare them for their next stage in life. 

PDF: The document
Public Complaint Policy 870
Public Complaint Rule 870R