Sub Plans for

Tuesday, February 18


ELA 9 (Hours 1-2)

In Google Classroom, I have posted notes on prepositions as well as videos that students can refer to if they need further explanation.  I have left a copy of the notes I posted for you.  I thought you could use the sample sentences I have written on the board (in addition to the notes) as a way to introduce the concept of prepositions/prepositional phrases to the students. 

Please hand out the list of common prepositions to the students as well as the practice sentences.  You can use the sentences however you see fit.  You could have students do them individually or with a partner and review them as a whole group at the end of the class or you could work through all of them together (or some combination of the two).  I know you know how to teach prepositions, so feel free to handle the information however you would like!

Tell students there are skills related to prepositions assigned now in IXL.  They can check Classroom for a complete list.  If there is any extra class time, students can grab Chromebooks and begin their work in IXL.


Brit Lit (Hour 3)

I like the article and questions that you left.  We deal with the contradictions in the code of chivalry and courtly love but not until after they have read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.  I will plan to use the article then if that is ok!  We might be ready for this activity the next time you sub for me.


Please tell students I have posted an assignment for them in Classroom.



Thank you!