Sub Plans for

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


ELA 9 (1st and 2nd hours)

The two classes will run a little differently, as I have a co-teacher who can lead the 2nd hour group.  Students will need to use Chromebooks to complete their work/listen to the story.  Please do not hand out the copies of the stories until students have reviewed the background information!

  • Students should review the information posted for the short story “The Sniper” in Classroom.  Kaitlin, you can do this as a large group using the board during 2nd hour. 
  • Please tell first hour to review the information that is posted.  They will need headphones to listen to a song within the background information.  If they don’t have their own, they can borrow some of mine (front bookshelf in the corner—they may have to take turns if a lot of them need to use mine).  PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL HEADPHONES ARE RETURNED BY THE END OF THE CLASS PERIOD!  They will need to write a 3-4 sentence response to the prediction question within the background information.  Once they turn this response in to you, you can give them a copy of the story.  Kaitlin, this can all be done verbally through discussion in 2nd hour. 
  • Once the background work is completed, students should listen to/read the story.  We will work with the story tomorrow.  If they finish with time left, they can work in IXL or can complete the Achieve articles from yesterday if necessary.


Brit Lit (3rd Hour)

Students have about 10 minutes left in a video from yesterday.  They were filling out sheets as they watched, so once the video is done, please collect the sheets.  If students were absent, please tell them they will be excused from the assignment.  The DVD from yesterday is in the player already.

Once they have completed the video from yesterday and you have collected their worksheets, please play the Shakespearean Tragedies video.  Students do not need to do any writing, but they should be paying attention to the information.  I warned them that it is a little cheesy, so they should be prepared!