In-Season Training

In-season Practice Schedule: Calendar
The link above will provide you with a tentative practice schedule for the 2017-78  season. Please understand that this is simply for planning purposes and only meant to be a reference for practices, shoot-arounds, etc. The calendar found on the main LUHS webpage is your best reference for up-to-date GAME SCHEDULING. Please do not rely on the practice calendar above to check for game scheduling. Coaches may verbally make changes to the practice schedule throughout the season. These changes will most likely be verbalized during practice time. Every effort will be made to update the practice calendar in a timely manner. If you have any questions about a practice time, please feel free to call or text me at 715-612-6126, or click my name below and send me an email.

Wishing the 2017-18 Seniors, Taryn Williams, Riley Curtis, Zoey Ziebart, and Olivia Killian a GREAT SEASON!

Contact: Melissa Ouimette