Thursday, Feb 27, 2020 Substitute Plans

Hour 1: Lit & Comp 9 (seating chart) Kalynne Mendez is on the No Pass list.

  1. Students are working on research essays. Ask them to get out their yellow “Thesis Generator” sheets and simply make a note on the seating chart of any students who don’t have it filled out.
  2. Remind them to use that thesis to also fill out the “Main Idea Organizer” (organizational map) by tomorrow’s class. They all have this already, but extra copies are here if needed.
  3. Remind them they have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow too.

Hour 2: Lit & Comp 9 (seating chart) Kiley Chapman on the No Pass list.

  1. Same as Hour 1.

Hour 3: Prep

Hour 4: Honors Lit & Comp 9 (seating chart)

  1. Please collect their Subject/Verb agreement practice homework. If any students were missing yesterday, copies are here for them.
  2. These students are watching the documentary Which Way Home. Ask them to get a piece of paper out in order to take down any ideas they have. They should mark down anything they find interesting that might be worthy of class discussion. They can watch the documentary for the rest of the hour.


Hour 5A: Academic Enhancement Lab in Room 134 (seating chart)

  1. This is a freshmen study hall. Garrett Christiensen, Kalynne Mendez, and Ashton St. Germaine are on the No Pass list. If they want to go anywhere, they need a hall monitor escort. Other students can go to Mr. Olson’s room for math. All have work to do and will work; just prompt them to get busy without too much talking.

Hour 6: Prep

Hour 6: College English 202

  1. This class doesn’t actually meet today, but several students will come here to work. Just take attendance like normal. Don’t mark Chris Brussatt absent; he’s in AP German.

Hour 8: AP Lit & Comp

  1. The students will have an assignment posted on Classroom that will use their “Theme and Tone” packet. They can hand-write their responses.

Please let me know how everything goes. Thank you!