Small Engines :This course covers the operation of small (one or two cylinder) two and four cycle internal combustion engines. We will study and work with appropriate tools, materials and equipment, along with fuel, ignition, mechanical, and lubrication systems related to those engines.
Auto 1: A study of the how and why of the design, construction and operation of automotive units through 50% classroom and 50% lab experience. Also, students will explore other power mechanics systems directly and indirectly related to the automobile. They will have hands on lab setting to put to use information gained in the lecture/demo settings. They will be expected to complete assignments, labs and participate in class. 
Auto Upkeep and Home Maintenance: From choosing an insurance policy to performing basic maintenance and repair, Auto Upkeep is the do-it-yourself automotive guide for the driver in you.  Auto Upkeep helps you keep safe and your vehicle reliable.  Discover how to choose a quality repair facility, buy a car, handle roadside emergencies, diagnose common problems, and communicate effectively with technicians – all while saving money and getting credit.