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College English 101: Freshman English and English 202: Sophomore English are UW-Stevens Point English courses being offered to senior students on the campus of LUHS. English 101 is offered in the Fall semester, while English 202 is offered in the Spring semester.

Please see the Objectives and Syllabus link above for a full overview of English 101 and English 202.

Prerequisite: Placement in these classes is determined by overall GPA, English GPA, and teacher recommendations. Students also need to submit a UW System's application, the Course Options Form, and an official high school transcript.

Students do NOT need to sign up for both classes, although English 101 is a prerequisite for English 202.

Please see Ms. Olson in Student Services regarding these details.

UW Credit: Students who successfully complete these courses will receive 3.0 University of Wisconsin credits for each course (6.0 credits total). These credits are transferable to any UW campus, as well as to most accredited post-secondary institutions. 

Grades: Students will receive a letter grade that will be a part of the University transcript. Students who score a "D" will instead be given an "R" grade on the transcript, meaning "Repeat."

Cost: These courses are offered through the Youth Options Program. There is no cost to the students and their families as long as students successfully complete the course. Any student who fails the course or drops the course after the 10-day deadline at the start of each semester will be responsible for the prorated cost of the class.

Students should follow the reading assignments and deadlines as outlined on the Course Calendar. These courses will also use the Canvas website available through the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point. Students will receive log-in information during class.