2019 Lakeland Union High School Soccer
Player/Parent Code of Conduct

Mission Statement: The purpose of Lakeland Union High School soccer program is to serve as an extension of the classroom by promoting discipline, commitment, effort, and pride to foster lifelong skills that will allow student-athletes to live by certain standards to achieve post-secondary success.


This code of conduct is set up to benefit those committed and invested in the soccer program.  Playing soccer is a privilege, not a right, and those who play will be held to the highest of standards as they represent the school, the district, their teammates, the coaching staff, and themselves. 


Eligibility: All forms must be completed and returned to the coaching staff by the first day the player intends on participating.  Athlete will NOT be allowed to practice or compete until all forms are received.  Please see the LUHS website or front office for forms.  

  • Athletic Registration
  • Emergency card (online- part of the Athletic Registration)
  • Physical or Alternate Year Card (no physical on file = no practice/game)
  • LUHS Code of Conduct Form
  • School Registration (If not finalized by the first game = no games)
  • Concussion Acknowledgement
  • Concussion Impact (Done during practice within first week)


Academic Requirements:  These are found on LUHS website under School Forms & Policies page in the Activities/Athletics Handbook. Grade checks will be performed quarterly by the AD's office and coaches during the school year. LUHS administration has the final say regarding eligibility of a player based on academics.


School Attendance/Tardies:


  1. School attendance is required for all classes to be eligible for practice and competition.
  2. Tardiness to school and /or classes is unacceptable and excessive tardiness may result in loss of playing time. Each circumstance will be handled on a situation-by-situation basis.
  3. If an athlete has an unexcused absence the day before a game, he may be unable to play in the next game
  4. School work is a priority but homework is not an excuse for missing practice.  Athletes are expected to manage their time appropriately.  If time is needed for class work, athletes must discuss this with their respective head coach prior to missing practice and must provide teacher/parent documentation upon returning to practice.

Practice/Program Attendance


  1. Practice begins promptly at 4:00PM and runs until 6:00PM during the school year. You will be expected to arrive at 3:45PM to change in the designated locker rooms/field and be ready to practice by 4:00PM.

Cleats are to be put on outside and never worn in the building.

  1. Any impending absence requires at least 24hour notice to the head coach of your team.
  2. A written note must be provided after the excused absence to the head coach for verification (EX. Medical note stating student may practice or official school pass signed by teacher for after-school help).
  3. The goal is no unexcused absences for any player from school or practice. An absence is considered unexcused if a coach is not notified in advance, documentation is not provided, and /or the excuse is not family, illness, or injury related.
    1. First offence may lead to reduced playing time
    2. Second offense may lead to a meeting with Head Coach, player and parent
    3. Third offense may lead to dismissal from the team
  4. Injured players are still required to attend practice as they are still apart of the team.  It is important to observe your position and take mental repetitions even though you cannot physically participate.
  5. Athletes should have proper practice attire at all times including shin guards and appropriate shoes.
  6. On-Time Philosophy: 10 minutes early is on time, on time is late, and being late is not an option.


Game/Travel Conduct


  1. Athletes are role models within the community and represent more than themselves. For this reason, abusive language/gestures will not be tolerated.  School rules and expectations apply at all soccer functions including, but not limited to, practices, games, and travel.
  2. Athletes will refrain from altercations with opposing players, coaches, fans, referees, teammates, Lakeland coaches, and Lakeland fans.  The LUHS coaching staff will handle all communication and conflicts. Athletes will demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the game’s outcome.  Removal from the game may result in disciplinary consequences by the coaching staff.
  3. Athletes are expected to shake hands of all opposing players and coaches before or following a game depending upon protocol.
  4. School transportation is an extension of the classroom and game field.  If an athlete is insubordinate while riding school transportation, they may be subject to disciplinary action by the coaching staff and/or school administration.






  1. Athletes are required to ride the team bus to games. If a problem arises and a player must provide their own transportation, their respective head coach must be notified at least 24 hours in advance.
  2. Players may ride home from a game with a parent/guardian if a note is provided to the coach before the player leaves.
  3. A player may ride home with an out-of-school adult other than their parent/guardian if they bring a note to school the day of or before the game and have the note signed by administration.


Equipment Usage/Proper Attire


  1. Athletes are responsible for the care of team equipment and uniforms.  Neglect will not be allowed and may lead to financial and disciplinary action. 
  2. All team members are expected to help with taking care and putting away of equipment. You are to remain at the field until everything has been put away properly.   
  3. Athletes will be required to purchase their own game socks, one pair white, and one pair black. Coach will place an order and money collected at time of uniform distribution.
  4. No jewelry will be worn at any time during practice or games.
  5. Game day dress code will be determined by the varsity captains and /or coaching staff.  Sloppy dress will not be tolerated.


Fundraising:  Athletes and families are required to fundraise for the LUHS soccer program and work to the best of their abilities.  Fundraising requirements and goals will be shared.  Donating and working concessions as well as patronizing the concessions helps support our team.


Communication: If at any point during the season you have a question or concern that you need to discuss with the coach, you are expected to do the following:

  1. Concerned player should approach head coach to schedule a time to discuss questions/concerns and set an agreeable time to meet
  2. Be respectful when expressing your self
  3. Allow the coach an opportunity to express himself/herself fully
  4. Don’t leave the meeting until you feel the question or concern has been dealt with fairly
  5. Parents comments/concerns will be handled in the above manner with two or more coaches present at the meeting.
  6. Discussion will focus solely on individual player present.  Performance and ability of other players will not be discussed.

Electronics and Social Media

  1. Cell phones and electronics must be put away during all games and practices.  This is the same for all players not in uniform due to injury, illness, or suspension.
  2. Athletes may use these once the team function (practice, game, discussion, etc.) has ended. 
  3. “Mom Rule” – Athletes should not post anything on social media that they would not want their mother to read or see. Athletes serve as role models in the community and represent more than themselves.  Disciplinary issues may result from inappropriate posts.




The coaching staff will evaluate each situation on an individual basis and enforce the necessary consequences.  Athletes must make good choices consistently.  Consequences may include one or more of the following: in-practice discipline, dismissal from practice, restricted playing time, games suspensions, or dismissal from the team.




In order to earn a numeral, a player must begin and end the season, playing in at least ¾ of the scheduled games.


In order to earn a varsity letter, a player that begins the season on the varsity team must play in at least ¾ of the scheduled games, as well as participate in the post-season.  A player that begins the season on the JV team and moves to the Varsity team must play in at least ½ of the scheduled varsity games and complete the post-season with the varsity team.

















2019 LUHS Soccer Player/Parent Contract


I have read and understand the 2019 expectations and understand the importance of the LUHS Soccer Team Code of Conduct policies that are stated.


My signature below shows that I have read the entire document and understand my role as either an athlete or a parent and how essential it is that I follow the guidelines that are set forth.


I also understand that there are consequences for failing to follow the policies the LUHS soccer program set forth.  With my signature I am acknowledging that it is a privilege, and not a right, to play for the LUHS Soccer program.  I agree to abide by and follow the program rules and serve as the best representative of the school, team, and community I can.





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