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What you will learn in this course:

An in-depth look at the automotive power plant.  Includes ignition, carburetion, rebuilding, electrical system, cooling system, parts analysis, troubleshooting, and various power systems directly related to the auto engine. The course also deals with the theory and repair of: brakes, hydraulic systems, steering, alignments, wheels and tires, springs, shocks, rear axle assemblies and wheel bearings
How you will learn in this course:
Students will also explore power mechanics systems directly and indirectly related to the automobile through lecture, labs, and service manuals. Work is done on both lab and personal vehicles and equipment.
Why this course is important:
The Automobile is a major life-time investment for most people.
It will make you a better and smarter consumer.
For the Mechanic career bound student it begins to lay down the fundamentals.