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What you will learn in this course:
Accounting is a part of every career. Businesses are in desperate need of people who are able to analyze financial data. If you like working with people, performing simple math, and enjoying a nice income, accounting may be the right choice for you. Accounting teaches you how to keep track of finances for a business and for personal use. Students will be introduced to the basic principles, concepts and procedures of accounting that every student must understand if he/she expects to have a maximum opportunity when he/she enters the world of business. Students will learn basic double-entry accounting practices, as well as a series of accounting activities. The course is recommended for all students who are planning a business-related career, college or for personal use.
How you will learn in this course:

Students will utilize hands on techniques of learning. Accounting concepts will be taught. Then, students practice their knowledge by accomplishing problems relative to real world practices. Some lecture, discussion, practice, and problem solving are techniques used in reaching mastery of the concepts. Also, the use of the computer will illustrate how businesses today are preparing the necessary financial documents needed to analyze and meet IRS guidelines.
Why this course is important:
Accounting is a part of every career. Accounting is a growing and well-compensated profession. Students who pursue accounting careers can expect to find a variety of well-paid and rewarding jobs. The course will provide a solid foundation for future accounting studies and help students explore this possible career option. If you are continuing your education in business, most majors require one or more accounting courses for the degree.