STAR Expectations

How do you know that your son or daughter is performing at grade level?  How do teachers know that their instruction is at grade level?  How do schools know that there is sufficient rigor in their expectations for their students to be competitive with their peers (around the state and country)?

As a nation, we have come to rely on data from testing, whether it is the ACT, ACT Aspire, Terra Nova, etc., as a better measure to determine grade level student achievement.  These measures compare achievement to a larger population of students with greater accuracy than grades, teacher recommendation, or school accreditation.

The Lakeland Area Consortium Schools have worked together to use common assessments. Educators have developed end-of-the-year grade level expectations in reading and mathematics to help parents, teachers and administrators plan a program of success for each student.  The reading and math assessment is the STAR Assessment, which reports student performance referenced to the WI FORWARD Assessment.

The ends of the year ranges are as follows: