Leon Valliere
Ojibwe Language and Culture I
Students enrolled in this course will learn about the large geographic range of Ojibwe Language. You will also learn how Ojibwe language is related to other native languages spoken in North America. Students will learn to identify various dialects of Ojibwe language. You will learn to use the “double-vowel” system of reading and writing Ojibwe. Students will also learn the various basic parts of speech used in Ojibwe. Various grammatical rules, which govern the basic parts of speech, will be delivered to students enrolled in this class. Basic dialects, questions, commands, kinship terms, counting, places, colors, days of the week and cultural topics will be discussed and learned. Seasonal activities of the Ojibwe people will also be discussed and described in Ojibwe language in class.
Ojibwe Language and Culture II
Students enrolled in this course will review basic Ojibwe language concepts taught in Ojibwe Language and Culture I. Following a brief review, students will receive more advanced instruction in various verb forms. Students will learn the various uses of animate and inanimate verbs, both transitive and intransitive. Affirmative and negative statements, command forms, interrogative questions and answers will also be learned. Continuing on from the previous course, common expressions and phrases will be learned. Ojibwe grammar will be expanded upon from the previous course. Historical events of the Ojibwe people and seasonal activities will also be discussed and described in Ojibwe language in class.