Mary Wentland
Health Education
COURSE: 10250 HEALTH EDUCATION DESCRIPTION: What you will learn in this course: Students will learn information about character education, mental/emotional health, disease, physical fitness, nutrition, AODA issues, and sexuality. This course will focus on the study of the physical and mental aspects of healthful living and the daily influences on that living. The course will stress the positive aspects of good health choices. How you will learn in this course: Students will learn through a variety of group projects/activities, oral presentations, writing opportunities and individual assignments. Students will also read, review material, and discuss current reports dealing with health issues, in addition to watching and listening to a variety of speakers and videos. Why this course is important: This course allows students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to understand his/her body and how it works. Students will also understand the importance of making healthy choices through out their lifetime. CREDIT VALUE: One-half credit (semester) OPEN TO: Sophomores PREREQUISITES: Required (see graduation requirements)