District Policies

The Board shall formulate and establish policies that reflect the philosophy and wishes of the community, meet the requirements of state and federal law, and provide for the proper operation of the school system.
Policymaking is one of the school board's most important functions.  Through policy, the Board sets the educational goals for the district and provides directives for administrators and other staff to follow while working toward achieving the goals.  By having its policies in writing, a school board can:
  • Clarify board goals and positions regarding specific issues facing the district
  • Provide direction and support for administrators and staff responsible for implementing board goals and policy positions
  • Provide for consisten decision-making throughout the district
  • Provide for efficiency in school operations;
  • and Give credibility to board and administrative actions (accountability to the public)
Series 100: Board of Education (24)
  Series 200: Administration (4)
Series 300: Instruction (48)
  Series 400: Students (44)
Series 500: Personnel (21)
  Series 600: Fiscal Management (10)
Series 700: Support Services (18)
  Series 800: School-Community Relations (24)