BOARD MEETINGS:  The School Board meets regularly on the fourth Monday of each month. Occasionally a holiday or other circumstances will alter this schedule.  The agenda of all Board Meetings are posted in the Lakeland Times, throughout the community, and in the school building.


An opportunity for citizens to address the board is an item on the agenda which allows the public time to address the Board of Education.  Members of the Board, the Superintendent, or other members of administration may question a speaker or make comments in response to the speaker's remarks.  During this time, the Board cannot act on any item nor can they listen to complaints about individual staff and/or students.  The Board may set a time limit for individual speakers.  The Board President is responsible for recognizing speakers, maintaining proper order, and obtaining adherence to any time limits set.

If you would like to get an item on the Agenda for board action, speak to the Superintendent at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.  Any written or printed material desired to be circulated to the Board should be submitted to the Superintendent by the Wednesday preceding the meeting.  Material will be transmitted to the members of the board by the end of that same week, along with other agenda materials.
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