COURSE:  04530                                                      

One-half credit                

Juniors and Seniors

PREREQUISITES:  Inorganic Chemistry,”B” or better in Chemistry or “C” or better in Honors Chemistry, or consent of instructor.


What you will learn in this course : 
This course studies one of the most interesting and unique elements-carbon.  Topics investigated include:  Bonding, types of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon derivatives, polymers, organic reaction mechanisms, polymerization reactions and also includes an introduction to biochemistry.
How you will learn in this course :
In this course you will use labs, discussion and lecture to explore the topics of this course. Emphasis will be on higher-level problem solving and correct lab write-up format.
Why this course is important : 
This course is intended for those students that intend to major in biology or chemistry.  Organic Chemistry is one of the courses that have typically been difficult for college students.  This course is meant to give students an overview of organic to increase their success in this difficult topic.