COURSE:  30031G  /  20032G                                                                                                     

CREDIT VALUE: One credit

OPEN TO:  Juniors and Seniors

PREREQUISITES: Must have completed Biology




What you will learn in this course:

The overall objectives of Environmental Science will stress six major themes. These themes include the interdependence of Earth’s systems, renewable and nonrenewable resources, environmental quality, global changes, the environment and society, and choices for the future.


How you will learn in this course:

Environmental Science is taught through lecture, article readings, discussions, guest speakers, laboratory investigations, demonstrations, sustainable use of school resources, scientific research, and experiences at the school forest.    Students will convey their knowledge through activities, projects, and community outreach.


Why this course is important:

With the enormous growth of biological information in recent years, it has become very important that students have a broad factual base about the living organisms and ecology of their local ecosystems. Students who are immersed in the study of the ecosystems in their area are more likely to be involved in the stewardship of their community. Environmental Science is intended to help the student become an environmentally knowledgeable citizen who is willing to work toward achieving and maintaining a dynamic balance between the quality of life and the quality of the environment. Environmental Science is also intended to help prepare students for further studies beyond high school.