COURSE:  04310

CREDIT VALUE: One-half credit

OPEN TO:  Juniors and Seniors

PREREQUISITES: Biology or consent of instructor

What you will learn in this course:
This course focuses on the processes that formed and are shaping our earth.  Identification of minerals, rocks, and fossils and their economic importance is emphasized.  Tectonic processes, geologic formations and structure, the aging of rocks, glacial history of Wisconsin, and interpretation of topographical and contour maps are additional topics studied.  Students are required to participate in a practical field trip.
How you will learn in this course:
Laboratory investigations and problem solving techniques are used in class to develop concepts.  Field experience is provided through a mandatory field trip.  Lecture and demonstrations are used to supplement learning activities.
Why this course is important:
This course is designed for the student who intends to continue their education beyond high school or has a strong interest in science, specifically geology.