COURSE:04241 / 04242                                                                                                       
One credit

Juniors and Seniors


PREREQUISITE: Algebra (may be concurrent).  Successful completion of IPS or Physical Science and Biology or consent of instructor.


What you will learn in this course:
This course provides an outstanding introduction to the field of physics.  Topics that will be covered are mechanics, energy, momentum, heat, electricity, atomic structure, mirrors, and a little bit of modern physics. 
How you will learn in this course:
Lecture, discussion and demonstrations will be used to present information.  Investigative labs, problem solving and inquiry methods will also be used to apply concepts learned in class.
Why this course is important:
This course is designed for the student who has an interest in science or intends to continue their education beyond high school.  The main goal of the class is to help students understand that physics plays an important part of their everyday lives.