COURSE:  04501 / 04052                                                                                                 
One credit

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of IPS; Physical Science and Biology.  “B” or better average in Algebra and in previous high school science classes or consent of instructor.

What you will learn in this course:  
  A study, both quantitative and qualitative of the structure and composition of matter.  Typical examples are:  atomic and molecular structure, periodicity, chemical bonding, physical states of matter, ionization, gas laws, acid-base theory, organic chemistry, nuclear chemistry and stoichiometry.  A high proficiency in algebra is necessary for use in 2 & 3 step problem solving.
How you will learn in this course:  
Reading, lecture, daily assignments, discussion, and lab investigations compliment the course work. 
Why this course is important:  
This course is designed for the student with a strong interest in science and is intending to continue their education beyond high school.