COURSE:  04301 / 04302                                                                                     
One credit

Juniors and Seniors


PREREQUISITES:  Successful completion of IPS or Physical Science, Algebra (may be concurrent) and Biology or  consent  of instructor.


What you will learn in this course:
Semester 1: focuses on scientific measurement, atomic structure, electron configurations, periodic table, ionic and covalent bonds, chemical names and formulas, and chemical quantities.  Semester 2: focuses on types of chemical reactions, stoichiometry, gas laws, acids and bases, solutions, neutralization, oxidation/reduction reactions and organic chemistry.
How you will learn in this course:
Lecture notes are the foundation of this course.   Reading, videos, and labs (with lab write-ups) add to the learning experience.  Some research and projects are presented to the class by students. Worksheets and practice is needed to learn extensive math involved in calculating chemical quantities.
Why this course is important:
This course gives students the fundamentals of chemistry and is designed for students who are interested in science.  It is needed for students who plan to go on to continued education in science.