¡HOLA AMIGOS! Es el tiempo del año cuando necesitas preparar y estudiar por EL EXAMEN FINAL de ESPAÑOL III!

Listed below are several websites that will help you review the concepts we have studied this year.

Use the GUIA de ESTUDIAR that you received in class as a reference for the TENSES and GRAMMAR CONCEPTS we have learned and you should review/study for the final.

On many of these websites you will need to look for the NAME of the tense or concept as there are many concepts listed; then just CLICK on the concept you want and PRACTICE!

¡Muy buena suerte en todos tus examenes!

Oral exams-
III as scheduled on May 29, 30

III Written exams-May 24
BURRITO BUILDER http://www.learnspanishtoday.com/learning_module/verb_games.htm






 NEW!!  http://reviewgamezone.com/game-list.php?id=114&name=Grammar

NEW!!  https://conjuguemos.com/list.php?type=fillin&division=grammar&language=spanish