Football Booster Club

The Booster Club is in need of more parent involvement. 

Lakeland High School's football program is lucky to have one of the best booster clubs in the state! Each year the club raises thousands of dollars for the football program. Money raised pays for a few large items each year as well as providing additional items every year for our players and coaches.

Some of the larger items purchased in the last few years include additional Riddell Revolution Speed football helmets, cold/wet weather sideline jackets, travel bags, a new conference champion/playoffs sign, video equipment, jerseys and game pants.

Annual contributions include senior game jerseys, pre-season team t-shirts, a pre-season team/family cook out, helmet award stickers, pizza and drinks delivered to the bus when we are on the road, cookies and other treats after all games, awards and food for our banquet, pre-game meals, funding for fan busses, providing a tail gate party at all home games, and funding for an additional coach, etc.

Each year we will need new people to join and contribute to keep all of the special things going that we have in our program. Please volunteer to join the booster club! Meetings start each year in April. The booster club's biggest fundraiser each year is selling ads for our football program in June/July and helping out at the pre-game tail gate parties during the season.

The current booster club president is Christine Albertus. You may contact Christine at (715) 614-5986 or if you have questions or would like to be involved.