Frequently asked questions

The Lakeland Union High School District's Student Nutrition Program uses a computerized system for recording meals and ala carte purchases. Each student is assigned a student ID number and uses this number when he or she is making a food purchase.

Some common questions:
1.  My student receives Free/Reduced priced meals does that include breakfast?   YES
The Free and Reduced meal program is both for breakfast and lunch.
2. What if my student forgets his/her ID number as he/she comes through the lunch line?
The student’s name can be entered into the computer to make the purchase and inform the student of his/her number.

3. What if a student tried to use another student’s ID number?
When the student’s account is activated the student’s name and picture appears on the computer screen. The picture allows the computer operator to physically identify each student as they go through the lunch line.

4. How can I pay for my student’s purchases?
You may pay by cash or check.
Cash: should be sent in a sealed envelope. This envelope should contain the date, your name, the student’s name, the amount and the student’s ID number.
Check: make it out to LUHS for the amount you want to go into your student's account. Checks should be made only for use by School Nutrition Program. We cannot divide checks intended for other school activities. On the memo section of the check write the student’s Name/School Meals. It is recommended that you pay by the month.

5. How will I know when to send money?
It is the parent’s responsibility to be knowledgeable about the prices of meal items and to monitor how much money will be needed for each student each day. We encourage you to discuss with your student about the purchases that he/she makes. You may also call the School Nutrition office at (715) 356-5252 extension 3402 to inquire about the meal account balance or a purchase history.
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6. If I send a check with my High School student, will my student at the Elementary School be able to eat?  No
The Lakeland Union High School district is separate from the feeder elementary school districts, they have separate lunch accounts.

7. Will my High school student be refused a meal if they have a negative balance?  
High School students are allowed to charge until a negative $5.00 balance is reached. Once this grace period is used they will be denied charge purchases. There is no charging of ala carte purchases once a negative balance is reached.

8. Will I be notified when my account balance is low?
High School students are given a verbal warning when their account is $5.00 or less. Low Balance Notifications are emailed to families twice weekly as a reminder to send payment when the lunch account drops below $5.00.  Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor student purchases and to know how much money is in the account.

9. What procedures does cafeteria follow in regards to NSF checks?
You will be advised by letter of the NSF check. Your Family account is debited the amount on the check plus all bank charges.