What the T-Bird Café’ is all about




Randy Weitz:                       6  years.   Food Service Director
Kathy Finucane:                  24 years.  Prepares Hot Entrees and Soups
Rhonda Knapstein:             11 years.    Prepares Salad Bar    
Julia Schweder                   23 years.   Prepares Bakery, Breads and Desserts
Gail Rudolph                         5 years.   Prepares Senior Grab and Go
Terri Kelliher                          1 year.    Assist in day to day operations
The T-Bird Café’ staff has over 68 years combined food service experience!
We serve:
200 complete Breakfasts each day or 35,000 year
700 complete Lunches a day or 125,000 year.
That’s over 150,000 meals every year!
The school meal program follows guidelines that are set by United States Department of Agriculture.  Every school throughout the country must follow these guidelines.  The guidelines state that when averaged over a school week, the breakfast and lunch menus should meet the nutrient standards for a specific age group.  These guidelines dictate what and how much of an item we can serve. 
The kitchen and commons were added during the addition 18 years ago.  The students are fortunate to have the current dining room/commons, it is a friendly and open environment.
Our goal is to serve the students and staff of LUHS an affordable and nutritious meal each school day.