COURSE: 38352 JOURNEY 101 *38353



What will you learn in this course:

This is a unique, research-based, experiential education class that engages students to be active partners in their learning. Freshman students will learn the prerequisites and Journey core concepts of self confidence, trust, perseverance, self expression, communication (verbal/non-verbal, written, and audio-visual), creativity and the importance of collaboration.

How you will learn in this course:

Activities and integrated curriculum include but are not limited to: adventure programming (rock climbing trips and indoor climbing wall, indoor high ropes and outdoor Tango Tower, outdoor education, etc.) performing arts, graphic arts, and self expression in an effort to establish a caring, responsible, trusting learning environment. Digital portfolios, group projects, and creative writing are the primary means of assessment.

Why is this course important:

Freshman students will immediately gain a positive peer network of support and acquire a greater understanding of the importance of life skills and their relevance in their high school journey. Students will participate in an environment of trust, joy and excitement demonstrating individual and collective responsibility.