World Languages

Spanish   German    Ojibwe


Why should you take a World Language?


Ø      Two years of a consecutive world language are required at many universities, and several state (UW-Madison and Eau Claire) and private universities are strongly recommending three-four consecutive years of a language.  

Ø      Three or four years of a world language in high school can earn you retro active credits in college – which means you do not pay for the college credits!

Ø      World languages help you improve your English skills and do better on ACT and SAT tests.

Ø      World languages are FUN to learn.

Ø      World languages help you be more marketable in the work force.

Ø      Taking a world language helps you speak, read and write in another language and learn the culture of other countries.

Ø      German Club, Latin Club and Spanish Club all take trips to the country studied every other year and Ojibwe is an intricate part of our Northern Wisconsin culture.

Ø      The teachers of world languages at LUHS are AWESOME!





Ø      Hispanic market, fashion show, games, fun-Spanish 1

Ø      Bartering, ordering in a restaurant-Spanish 2

Ø      Piñatas, video projects, class competition-Spanish 3

Ø      In depth dialogue, presentations, literature-Spanish 4

Ø      Real-life practice, power point and other presentations, college literature, AP exam prep-AP Spanish 5

Ø      Cultural celebrations-Navidad, Cinco de Mayo, El Día de los Muertos, Semana Santa

Ø      Diverse instructors – one native speaker, other two with extensive experience abroad in Latin America and Spain.



v      Authentic food, Kaffee Stunde, skits, fun, games-German 1

v      Fashion Show, Austria/Mozart Unit, Role-plays-German 2

v      Cooking Show, Theater for fairy tales, literature-German 3

v      Teaching German to Elementary students, authentic speaking situations, college-prep, video projects, German Literature/Art Units--AP German 4

v      Oktoberfest celebration with food and dancing

v      Karneval festival in spring

v      Exchange partner relationships



ü      Qualified native speaker/instructor

ü      Immersion into the language and the culture.

ü      Hands-on learning.

ü      Focus is placed on oral communication.

ü      Relaxed learning environment.


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