COURSE:  06201                                          GEOMETRY                                                                                         CREDIT VALUE: One credit

            * 06202                                                                                                                PREREQUISITES: Algebra I or placement                                                                                                                                                                        by Math Dept

What you will learn in this course:  

This is a full year course that includes four units:  geometric structure, congruence, similarity, and two- and three- dimensional measurements.  In the first unit, the terminology and concepts essential for the future units are developed, reasoning and proof are introduced, and parallel and perpendicular line relationships are studied.  In the second unit, congruence, congruent triangles, relationships in triangles, and a study of quadrilaterals are included.  The similarity unit contains proportions and similarity, right triangles and trigonometry as well as a study of transformations.  The last unit contains a study of circles, area of polygons, and surface areas and volumes of three-dimensional figures.  Proof is emphasized throughout this course.


How you will learn in this course:

Geometry is a textbook-driven course, including the above topics.  The student will learn through lecture and discussion.  The student will practice concepts through daily assignments and be assessed through quizzes and tests. 


Why this course is important:

Geometry continues to build upon the basic mathematical foundations found in algebra and continues the student’s growth in the traditional area of math.