Academic Enhancement Lab

If a student is experiencing difficulties or falling behind in any other class, assistance is available in the Academic Enhancement Lab, which is available every hour of the day. Academic Enhancement Lab is staffed by a licensed teacher and provides students with a resource for helping with the review, proofing and editing of assignments, papers and projects.

All Freshmen/Sophomore Students are scheduled directly into any one of these three Learning Labs. The teacher in all of these Learning Labs will review students’ academic progress, implement a plan for academic improvement, and deliver a basic curriculum on improving study skills and technology utilization. They will also provide updates to students’ teachers and counselors, and connect students with appropriate resources within LUHS. It is important for students experiencing difficulty to get extra help before falling behind, and the Academic Learning Labs are set up to provide this help. “Failure is not an Option,” nor is falling behind. We are dedicated to giving students all the help needed in order to be successful.