Welcome to the Lakeland Union High School Board of Education Webpage!
The purpose of this webpage is to inform you of our school board structure. Popular control of pub­lic education is one of the cornerstones of a free society. The people exercise that control through their Board of Education.
BOARD STRUCTURE: Nine members sit on the Board of Education. Each member is elected for a 3 year term and the terms are staggered. The Board is represented by all communities served by the school. Four seats are held by representa­tives of each elementary school district. Five seats are held by at-large community members.
SCHOOL BOARD POWERS AND DUTIES: The Board shall provide for the proper operation of a school district that reflects the philosophy and wishes of the community and meets the require­ments of state and federal law.
Areas of Board action include:
  1. Provides and maintains adequate staff and facilities to operate the school system.
  2. Selects and employs the District Administrator and provides them with the necessary guidelines to perform duties.
  3. Enters into employment contracts and other contractual agreements upon the recommendation of the administration.
  4. Considers, revises, and presents to the annual meeting, the budget as prepared by the District Administrator and the Board’s Budget Committee.
  5. Requires and evaluates administrative reports concerning the financial status of the district.
  6. Establishes salary schedules with the assistance of negotiating committees.
  7. Assists in presenting to the public the needs and progress of educational programs.
  8. Requires and evaluates professional staff reports concerning the progress of educational programs and procedures.
  9. Keeps abreast of current trends in education.
  10. Evaluate the District Administrator and insures that there are evaluation processes for all employees of LUHS.
  11. May do all things reasonable to promote the cause of education, including establishing, providing and improving district programs, functions, and other activities for the benefit of students.
  12. Perform the specific duties imposed upon the Board by state law.
Serving the townships of: Arbor Vitae, Boulder Junction, Harshaw, Hazelhurst, Lac du Flambeau, Lake Tomahawk, Land O’Lakes, Manitowish Waters, Minocqua, Presque Isle, Winchester, and Woodruff.