What is the Co-Curricular Leadership Council?

Leadership   =  Integrity  x  Communication  x  Understanding of Human Nature

        Leadership is a position in life that only a few of us have the privilege to experience, but it is not a privilege that just occurs.  We are selected for this position because we have some innate abilities - but leadership itself is not innate, we need to learn specific skills that will help us become great LEADERS!!

That is the WHY ?  For this Leadership Council!!!

The What ? belongs to the activities we have planned and the
people we plan to bring in…

And the Purpose – is to help our students become impact leaders here 
at Lakeland Union High School!!



 Co-Curricular Council

Meetings 14-15

 Meeting ppts.

What is a Leader?

Concept of Leadership

 Meeting Handouts

Leadership Questions

Leadership Qualities LUHS