Welcome to the T-Bird Newspaper!
The T-Bird Newspaper is published four times a year, covering all aspects of being a T-Bird.
Who can write for the T-Bird and What can I write about?
Any LUHS student can write for the T-Bird on any topic of their choice. We are interested in student journalism that covers events and activities taking place around the school, and we are also interested in student opinion pieces, creative writing, and humorous writing.

Are there other ways to participate?
We also publish student cartoons, illustrations, and photography.
Who should I talk to if I'm interested in contributing to the T-Bird?
Please see any of the T-Bird advisors or talk to any English teacher.

Ms. Donner: donner@lakelandunion.org
Ms. Erickson: erickson@lakelandunion.org
Ms. Caudill: caudill@lakelandunion.org