What is the PEP Grant?  The PEP grant is a competitive federal grant that schools and organizations are apply for using outlined, specific criteria.  The grant is usually for a period of three years with schools using money to update curriculum and equipment as well as provide professional development to teacher. It is also known as  the Carol M. White Physical Education Grant.

Who are the participants?

►  Arbor-Vitae Woodruff
►  Lac du Flambeau
►  Lakeland Union High School
What are the goals of the grant?
♦   Students will gain knowledge and exposre to a variety of activities, skills and concepts
♦  New curriculum will be developed along with a sustained program of staff development
♦  The implementation of technology-based authentic assessment with students learning to assess their own level of fitness
♦  Instruction to students in healthy eating habits, good nutrition
Overall project accomplishments by year, along with major Physical Education equipment acquisitions are listed for each of the Districts involved in this program effort:
♦  Arbor Vitae-Woodruff School
♦  Lac du Flambeau Public School
♦  Lakeland Union High School
Lakeland Area active recreational fitness and fun opportunities have been briefly condensed in brochure format for viewing or downloading as a handy reference.